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Appalachian Animal Hospital


When your pet is in our care, you can rest assured that they will be in the trained, caring and capable hands of our kennel technicians.

As a veterinary hospital, we have higher standards and obligations to your pet(s) than some facilities. When your pet is in our care, we monitor and care for his/her needs as well as the basic needs. You can rest assured that your pet will be in the trained, caring and capable hands of our kennel technicians.

For the cats, we have a private room for our furry guest. This room consists of eight suites. The cat room has central air as well as an exhaust fan system that circulates the air flow. The cats get play time during the day, where we let them walk around to stretch and play. The window in the cat room is a popular spot to hang out where they like to lounge and catch some sunlight.

For our K-9 guests we have six extra-large suites and eighteen large suites all in the same room. We have central air as well as an exhaust fan system that circulates the air flow in the kennel area. Every suite is regularly cleaned and sanitized. All animals are provided with fresh water, and clean fluffy bedding with a pet cot to sleep on. All dogs are walked outside twice daily.

All of our canine runs are in door and climate controlled. All pets boarding with us are offered fresh water throughout the day and a blanket or mat to sleep on.

Boarding services include:

Walking/Feeding Times/Frequency

Pets who are not in daycare are walked individually, 2 times per day for about 20 minutes in an enclosed outside play area. We can feed your pet as often as you like but most pets are fed after all animals are walked, generally around 7 am and in the evening around 7 pm. If your pet has special medical conditions like diabetes or seizures we can accommodate for those ailments, just let us know what your pet needs.

Medication/Treat charges

Our staff is trained to handle your pets daily medication requirements. We require that all medication in properly labeled. There is an additional fee for administering insulin injections to your pet.

Keeping careful records of your pet

While your pet stays with us we keep careful records of them to monitor their general well-being as well as their eating, urination and bowel movement habits.

Special services while boarding:

  • Insulin Administration

  • Nail Trim

  • Kennel Bath

  • Deluxe Bath

  • TLCs

Tips to make checking in smooth:

  • Make sure all of your pet’s vaccines are up to date and current with our requirements.

  • Label all of your pet’s belongings with their first and last name.

  • Less is more! You are welcome to bring one toy.

  • Don’t bring your pet’s favorite items as sometimes things do get misplaced during the daily sanitation of the facility or if your item needs to be washed.

  • Have any of your pet’s medications properly labeled and ready to go.

  • Let us know if your dog has medical conditions, allergies, special needs or behavioral issues.

  • Complete the boarding agreement and have it ready for presentation to a receptionist.

  • Let a receptionist know if you would like tlc’s, a nail trim, deluxe bath or other grooming services while boarding. Keep in mind some of those services must be scheduled.

  • We offer extra playtime tlc’s while your pet is currently boarding with us!  You can add extra outdoor play time with one of our kennel staff to give your pet more potty or play time.

Vaccination Requirements to Board:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper/ Parvo Combo

  • Kennel cough